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In 2006, the Geek Syndicate was born. And who came roaring out but a pair of crazy-yet-loveable geeks by the names David “Monts” Monteith and Barry “Nuge” Nugent. Producing a weekly (well most of the time) podcast celebrating and commenting all aspects of geek life GS is one of the longest running geek related podcasts in the UK. It’s critically acclaimed, irreverent, touching, intellectual, nonsensical, fairly drunken, incredibly sexy, hilarious…er…and stuff.

Feb 11, 2021

Join Mont's and Nuge as they once again venture into the murky realms of their feelings towards Star Trek Lower Decks and explore why people are jumping ship on WandaVision. Explore the highs and lows of their emotions towards Winx, Lupin, Finding O'hanu and discover which WandaVision character has actually been around since the 1950's.
Show Notes
Shout Outs  - Oscar kugblenu
2:30 : Announcement about new release schedule
3:40 Fear case by Matt Kindt
4:45DC's Infinite Frontier and the renaming of Black Adam
9:40 - Black Panther news
10:26 - Buck Rogers reboot news casting and writer news
Week That Was
13:30 Fate: The winx saga - experience Mont's emotional dilemna
16:27  - Lupin The french Netflix show - inspired by The adventures of Arsene Lupin 5 book collection by Maurice Leblanc -
20:13 - Finding O'Hana - a fun family romp with a surprising geek heritage and refreshing racial tropes.
26:15 - Lower decks
Hated the trailer - Were we pleasantly surprised by the series? Discover the answer to that and how it relates to Hong Kong Fuey!!!!
31:15 - The Expanse Season 5 - no spoilers -
33:00 - WandaVision - -  This  leads us to talk about Agents of Atlas and a character that's been around since 1956 - Find out which WandaVision character it could be.
Minor spoilers for ep 1 37:59 - 38:06
Agents of Atlas -
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