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In 2006, the Geek Syndicate was born. And who came roaring out but a pair of crazy-yet-loveable geeks by the names David “Monts” Monteith and Barry “Nuge” Nugent. Producing a weekly (well most of the time) podcast celebrating and commenting all aspects of geek life GS is one of the longest running geek related podcasts in the UK. It’s critically acclaimed, irreverent, touching, intellectual, nonsensical, fairly drunken, incredibly sexy, hilarious…er…and stuff.

Sep 16, 2022

So as well as doing Geek Syndicate David Montieth has his own podcast 'The Naked Geek'.  Seeing as one of the episodes had him chatting with his Geek Syndicate co-founder Barry Nugent we thought GS listeners make like to have a listen. If you like the format Dave has many more Naked Geek Episodes on his feed.

Listen to the banter as they explore their friendship, origins, traumas and dig into how life's mental fallout has affected Barry's creativity.

Guest at a Glance

Barry Nugent is an author of supernatural adventures and the creative force behind the Unseen Shadows Universe, which expands the world and characters from his novels across multiple platforms.

Barry is also the co-host on the Geek Syndicate podcast, that takes a humorous look at pop culture. The success of the podcast led him to co-present two documentaries for the BBC.

Barry lives in sunny Northampton (well sometimes it is) with his wife and two cats.

Show Notes:

Early  influences

Family & Geekdom

Influential Characters

Mums & Raiders - The inspiration for creativity

Falling of the bus - an origin story

Imposter syndrome  depression and hunger

Dealing with geek prejudice

The importance of music

Trail of the Cursed Cobras

The role of geekdom in your life

Music Mentioned in this episode:

Raiders March -

Victory March from Star Wars -

One of Barry's favourite moments from Indy -


Trail of the Cursed Cobras

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