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In 2006, the Geek Syndicate was born. And who came roaring out but a pair of crazy-yet-loveable geeks by the names David “Monts” Monteith and Barry “Nuge” Nugent. Producing a weekly (well most of the time) podcast celebrating and commenting all aspects of geek life GS is one of the longest running geek related podcasts in the UK. It’s critically acclaimed, irreverent, touching, intellectual, nonsensical, fairly drunken, incredibly sexy, hilarious…er…and stuff.

Mar 31, 2011

This episode Scrolls flips over the page to see things from the other side in terms of starting out as a writer.  Acting as a companion piece to the Author Interviews

recorded at the SFX Weekender we've pulled together three authors who have taken non-traditional approaches to getting their fiction out into the public...

Mar 24, 2011

Join the guys as they catch up on their gaming fortnight - including Barry's huge Mass Effect 2 session. In other news, we look at the winners from this year's gaming BAFTAs and discuss the pro's and con's of digital distribution for games.

Buy, Rent Avoid features our reviews of Fight Night Champion and Prince of...

Mar 23, 2011

The Dark Enforcer has crossed the line, forcing Tech Support to utilize their elite paramilitary cadre to run interference while Feedback prepares for a rematch.  This time the stakes are high, threatening to prove too much for both our hero and his support team, but unknown to Feedback he’s about to gain an...

Mar 19, 2011

Join Dave and Barry on another rollercoaster ride into the world of geekdom.



Mass Effect 2 kicks ass at the baftas

Sandman comes toTV

Superman Reboot news


Week the was

Slaughterman's Creed

The Quantum thief

Hawaii five 0

Being Human

Desperate housewives???

 Geek Tweets

In this new section we scour our twitter...

Mar 19, 2011

A new series and a new format - wary of two middle class middle aged men discussing gender issues and sexuality the morose pairing of Matt and Kehaar have got in reinforcments in the form of 'little witch' Amy from 'Birds of Geek.'
With no blows barred they take a good hard look at sexuality and espically gender...