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Geek Syndicate

In 2006, the Geek Syndicate was born. And who came roaring out but a pair of crazy-yet-loveable geeks by the names David “Monts” Monteith and Barry “Nuge” Nugent. Producing a weekly (well most of the time) podcast celebrating and commenting all aspects of geek life GS is one of the longest running geek related podcasts in the UK. It’s critically acclaimed, irreverent, touching, intellectual, nonsensical, fairly drunken, incredibly sexy, hilarious…er…and stuff.

Feb 27, 2021

Stace & Barry are back with another slice of Saturday morning breakfast geeky times! This episode, Barry almost lets slip his secret identity, Stacey is getting pumped up by her Musical Musing, and the pair are very excited for new Final Space. Also, trains..? Enjoy!

Feb 24, 2021

This is Bags of Action. The podcast devoted to action movies, both old and new, but all of them are awesome! In this episode Pete, Steve and a special guest, Dan Marshall, tackle the third movie in the Die Hard franchise, Die Hard With A Vengeance, from 1995. How does it hold up after all this time and how does...

Feb 20, 2021

Join Nuge and Ant as they enter the would of animated martial arts mayhem with their review of Batman: Soul of the Dragon.

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Feb 11, 2021

Join Mont's and Nuge as they once again venture into the murky realms of their feelings towards Star Trek Lower Decks and explore why people are jumping ship on WandaVision. Explore the highs and lows of their emotions towards Winx, Lupin, Finding O'hanu and discover which WandaVision character has actually been around...

Feb 6, 2021

Hold onto your butts folks; here's an episode of Stace & Barry in the Morning for your listening pleasure! Tune in for some spooky police happenings, a bombastic bolero, and a spellbinding bit of news... Enjoy!